A Ghosts Story

David attends the funeral of his son Jason. After the funeral, David witnesses a disturbing event in a nearby field which leads him to chase after a mysterious figure. His pursuit ends at a large, eerie mansion occupied by a group of eccentric ghost hunters.

At the mansion, inexplicable and frightening events occur.

The themes explore revenge, the supernatural, madness. The story builds tension through David’s psychological torment and descent into unstable mental states.


“The house reveals its evil secrets as David becomes evermore entangled. I found myself pulled in with him and I could not put this book down. The horrific scenes are so beautifully written, I was so entranced I wasn’t sure I would get out myself.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

You need to read this book. It’s brilliant.
I loved this story.”

“Wonderfully written book, started & finished in one day, pretty creepy!”

“I loved this book. Unpredictable and unsettling. Well worth reading.”

“If you like a book that you have no idea how it’s going to go, even when you are getting close to the end, this is one for you.
I really wasn’t quite sure where it was going and where it was taking me, and I sort of liked that.
Quite unlike any other book.”

“Fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Once you get past the seemingly random leaps in the first part, this turns into a relationship with the author’s characters, with whom you alternately sympathise and despise. Not so much a story as much as a glimpse into the imagination of a scared and vulnerable mind. Reminds me of the film “Poltergeist”, where some of the things that are really scary are things you remember from being a kid. Except in this case, it’s the things from a hormone-fuelled adolescence that are simultaneously exciting and frightening. If I were to sum it up in a word: Disturbing.”