But, the question remains, just what is Wilp?

Is it really more powerful than a god?

Can it help save them all?

Or is it, as the Devil claims, “complete bo%^&*$s.”

A Ghosts Story

This is a tale of revenge.

This is a tale of sadness.

This is an impossible tale.

Dare you enter this house?

A Memoir Of Madness.

The Devil Made Me Do It.

The Nameless Voyage.

The Chill Of Nobody.

It Is Depression.

Vetra Machine.

The Tormented Mind.


When Daniel James Killed himself, he didn’t die.

A graze on his head, the only proof of his death.

His nightmare had only just started.

The Satanic Curses.

16 short tales from Hell and beyond!

Start in Limbo and descend to Greed.

Pass through other tales on the way.